More Than You Know

I’ve been an admirer of Oswald Chambers for a while now, and the more I read his writing, the greater my appreciation. His devotional book My Utmost for His Highest has had a cherished place on my desk, bookshelf, and nightstand for many years. No matter how many times you read it, there’s always something […]

What if…

When I chose to retire, I had a few plans for what I wanted to do. They included some travel and time to visit with my kids and grandkids, maybe take up some new hobbies, and most importantly spend more time in study of the Bible, prayer, and meditation.  So far things haven’t worked out […]

“We Are Unworthy Servants”

I follow a daily Bible reading schedule using the Logos Bible program on my computer. (If you don’t have a Bible study program you’re using, I recommend this one; they have a free version that works well for basic study needs, and more extensive versions for the serious student) My latest reading has been in […]

“Just Enough” Christianity

This blog is driven by a convergence of ideas that produce a specific line of thought which demands expression. It’s why there aren’t regular posts; inspiration isn’t a continuous process for me. This time the trigger came on the heels of preparing for Sunday morning Bible class (the topic of study was Acts 20, the […]

The “Hallmark-ization” of Christmas

We’ve been watching a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies lately. Not surprising, given the lack of any other programming worth our time. For the most part, they are all “feel-good” movies with the same basic story line and plot progression. Still, it’s a little like eating rice cakes or unsalted saltine crackers. They fill you […]