Pre-empted by God

I made no plans for anything in particular yesterday.  It was just as well because God took care of that for us. About 10:30 am, there was a knock upon the door; I thought perhaps UPS had dropped off a package. Instead, there was a local policeman and Paul, a friend of ours from church, standing there. The policeman said Paul had just been in an accident; he was stopped at a traffic light and was rear-ended by a semi-truck that couldn’t stop. Thankfully, other than a sore neck he was all right.  But without his car, he had no way to get home and no one else to contact.

The added twist to this story is that Paul is deaf. He is also 89 years old, but he manages better than I do sometimes even though I am ‘young’ enough to be his son. He was on his way downstate to take his daughter to the doctor and then meet his son to make a trip to Kentucky with a group going to see the Noah’s Ark exhibit.

What began as a day of difficulty for him became a day of blessing for us. Rita and I love Paul; he has a wicked sense of humor and a great love for God and His people. He spent the day at our house, and we certainly enjoyed the company.  Rita and I aren’t able to sign (ASL) but we are familiar with a few basics. Mainly there was a whole lot of writing back and forth; I think we may have worked our way through about half a legal pad’s worth of paper.  But we learned a lot about each other we didn’t know before. We were able to contact Paul’s insurance company for him and get things started on the repair of his car (although there’s a possibility it may be declared a total loss). As it turned out, the insurance adjuster was the same guy who worked on my accident a couple of months ago and remembered me. I gave him my information to act as a contact person.

This article is not intended to ‘blow my own horn’ or glorify our part in any of this. Whenever I’m tempted to think that way I’m reminded of Luke 17:10- “In the same way, when you have done all that you were commanded, you should say, ‘We are worthless servants; we’ve only done our duty.’ ”  Rather, I found two thoughts to take away from yesterday.

The first is what a joy, privilege, and honor it is to be chosen by God for opportunities to serve.  It is what we are called by Him to do.  It is what makes us most like Jesus Christ and demonstrates to the world we are His. When we recognize ourselves as servants of Christ we realize what an honor it is when He entrusts us with the chance to fulfill our calling.

The other is what a blessing it is to be able to enjoy Christian fellowship. Oh yes, we ate lunch and dinner together. But the time spent sharing ourselves with each other was much more satisfying.  It was a small glimpse of what the first century Christians may have experienced.  In our time-crunched, pedal-to-the-metal lifestyles it is a blessing we sorely neglect or longingly miss. Yesterday was one of those rare experiences that refresh your soul like nothing short of spending time with God can do. It was simple; it really cost us little or nothing. But after I finally got Paul connected with his grandson-in-law and on his way, I found myself parked by the lake watching the sunset and ducks, feeling a profound sense of thankfulness for the day.

Sometimes it’s important to let God pre-empt your day.  If you leave yourself open to His possibilities, you’ll be amazed at what might happen.  The outpouring of blessings might just take your breath away.