“For the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel has said: ‘You will be delivered by  returning and resting; your strength will lie in quiet confidence’. – Isaiah 30:15

Our minister Gary Leftwich used this verse in his sermon a few weeks ago, and it keeps coming around every so often since then. Since there are no coincidences I have to think God keeps bringing it up because it’s important for me to know and remember.

Patience has always been difficult for me. I have been guilty of relying on my own wits, always trying to interpret God’s directions in my own way. I have often moved when I should have stayed put. But I was looking for what I thought was the right answer instead of waiting for God’s answer. What patience I’ve learned has come through circumstances in which I had no choice. They not only taught me patience but humility and trust as well.  Overall I think I’m more patient than I was; but being retired, I no longer have the time pressures I once did, either.

Now I still struggle with patience for a slightly different reason. Instead of the time pressures from when I was younger, the urgency of getting things in before my life ends drives my impatience because none of us knows how many years we may have. It’s a bucket list mentality that Satan exploits to short circuit my best intentions to depend on God’s guidance. I constantly have to remind myself I am not a bucketful of things to get done, but an empty vessel to be filled with spiritual treasure. If God has a plan for me, He will see to it there’s enough time to be sure it gets completed.